I have never designed my own origami before so this was a first. There were no diagrams that I could find on dollar bill wolves so I had to improvise. I saw one with a dollar bill fox and a few wolf designs using regular squared origami paper. So I kind of took notes of the folds and the look I wanted to achieve. If I had more time, I would have perfected it but I did not. I was still quite proud of it though I probably wouldn’t remember how to fold one today since I didn’t make notes or diagrams. I did hand the box of dollar bill wolves to Tanaka, one of the vocalists, and he really upset me that night. I won’t get into it, but I did have a great time doing 3 dates of that tour with my friends and they were so awesome live! I would do it again, but I won’t go above and beyond with gifts anymore. I’ll just simply enjoy the show and leave when it’s done.

P.S. I love Jean-Ken Johnny’s voice way better anyway!

1.00 US Dollar Bill | 2017 | For MWAM 2017 USA Tour