2018 | Original selfie photo for my self portrait

2018 | Original selfie photo for my self portrait

About Meks Inthavong

My journey with art didn’t start as a child like most artists. In fact, I didn’t start until I was 22 years old back in 2004. I have had no formal training nor schooling. I am self taught and I give so much credit and respect to the many amazing artists that have inspired me throughout the years. I’ve learned from tutorials and videos, I’ve experimented with different media both conventionally and unconventionally, and practiced, practiced, practiced!

I am a very detail-oriented person; therefore, my artwork is also very detailed. I like to conjure up ideas that juxtapose concepts of duality. Light versus shadow. Dark but delicate. Soft yet textured. Strong though vulnerable. I want to provoke the senses and challenge perceptions opening up onion layers of new dimensions suspended in a 2-dimensional platform.

Some call me crazy, but I call it passion. I have many interests and hobbies, but art is one I can’t simply live without— it is the rawest, purest form of me making it so personal. They say that art comes from your soul. No, not for me. Art is my soul.

I am self-represented. I am currently taking commissions for drawings only. Maybe a handmade box if it’s an interesting shape or theme. Thank you.

Drawing Commissions

  • My price is based on hours worked, not technically size nor number of objects in the request, but rather the complexity and details.

  • My drawing entitled “Drip Drop” (click title to view) is 9” x 12” taking 20 hours and is more expensive by $100 than my “Self Portrait” (click title to view) that is 14” x 17” taking 16 hours.

  • Portraits range between 8-25 hours with an average of 10 hours for my usual 9” x 12” paper (drawing about 8” x 11”).

  • Due to limited space on my drawing table, the longest size paper I recommend is 20” but can push to 24” if really need be.

  • I will review the photo and make an estimate of how many hours it will take.

  • I will quote based on estimated maximum hours.

  • If the amount of time to finish the drawing is actually longer than the estimated hours, I will not charge you extra. I’m an overachiever; therefore, I will make sure it’s perfect no matter how much longer it will take.

  • If the amount of time to finish the drawing is actually lesser than the estimated hours, the quoted price will drop based on the lesser time.

  • The hourly price is about $20 an hour. I’m very flexible and reasonable and willing to negotiate a fixed price as well.

  • Half of the quoted price will be paid up front and the second half will be paid upon completion prior to delivering.

  • I always scan and/or take photos of WIPs (work in progress) and typically record each drawing session. The hours spent will be accurate and recorded.

  • I am very picky with reference photos. I love high quality photos that have dramatic lighting, lots of texture, and on an angle. If the photo chosen is very sentimental to you even at low quality, I am more than willing to try to make it work (see example below).

  • It doesn’t have to be a portrait, but that is my most requested. It can be anything from illustrations, designs like for tattoos and logos, etc.

Design or Handmade Commissions

  • Design or Handmade commissions will include designing, creating, and assembling.

  • Price will include mostly supplies (if applicable), but barely time and labor.

  • I can create digital vectors and logos, boxes, pop ups, architectural origami, knitting or sewing projects with logos/designs, books, sculptures, night lights, anything your heart desires— I can most likely make it happen.

    I don’t take many handmade commissions because they are both time consuming and labor intensive. I don’t have my own studio or workshop with special tools and equipment. I do it all by hand. Handmade projects are expensive to create because I will only use quality materials. I normally make pennies on the dollar for each project.

    Unless it is worth my effort to create, I usually will not take a handmade commission.

About Desi

I thought it would be interesting to show where Desi, my mascot character, actually came from. I dabbled with polymer clay sculptures for awhile and I would take WIP photos of all my pieces to show progression. I thought these photos were really creepy but cool. The very last photo is what she looked like completed. She is very innocent and not meant to be creepy. She was a gift for my beloved mom (mother-in-law), Vickey.